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Portuguese Muscle Car at its Best.. The setting, a 1979 FORD Escort S flying South on Autostrada A1 in Portugal; Pedal To The Metal! Terrifico! Fantistico! Super Sexy..LOL 🙂 Hulse's Lean Hybrid Muscle new Improved AVI Elliott,Hulse39s,Lean,Hybrid,Muscle,new,Improved,AVI
Fast and Furious, Muscle vs. Import
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Classic cars have long attracted wealthy individuals as a collectible, but in recent years a shift has taken place, with these vehicles now being seen as a passion investment. For more information please see:
The 1965 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu SS was a hot car in 1965, and this 327 4-speed convertible in Madeira Maroon is a real knockout. From The Brothers Collection. FACEBOOK PAGE: SHOP FACEBOOK PAGE:
Regular Show S8 Ep6 Ugly Moons Regular Show episode Regular Show S8 Ep6 Ugly Moons Regular Show episodeRegular Show S8 Ep6 Ugly Moons Regular Show episodeRegular Show S8 Ep6 Ugly Moons Regular Show episodeRegular Show [More]
A 426 Hemi-powered 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T to leave the competition black and blue! From The Brothers Collection.
A 1969 Pontiac GTO was a hot car, and the heat got hotter if you ordered one with the high-revving Ram Air IV 400-cube V8 and a 4-speed. Less than 50 were built with the [More]
JoAnn Heck, Director – Customer Care & Experience, discusses how the Mopar Social Connect team is helping Mopar meet owners online to deliver care that fits their needs.